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Using a discount code online is a quick way to save money, but their are other ways to get things cheaper other than using a voucher. A voucher code is that small bit of code you enter into the 'do you have a promotion code' box when you finish your shopping and would like to pay. Most times you just ignore this box as you don't have a code, but sometimes you've done your research and have a code before so you know just how to shop to save the most money.

Like I said before, their are ways to get things cheaper other than using a discount code site. A prime example is this site where you can find the cheap versions of good products that get the job done. They work closely with top uk retailers like Argos, B&Q and many more to show you where their best prices are. Deals and Sales have a great section on their website with the latest Argos deals and best prices too so make sure you go and check them out first.